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Vietnam’s Tuna Exports To EU Rockets

A substantial 31 percent rise took place for Vietnam’s tuna exports to the EU in the first nine months of this year. Tuna products shipped to the European market totaled a value of USD 106 million, while exports to other countries witnessed a decline.

Revealed by data from the Vietnam Association of Seafood and Producers (VASEP), total export value of fresh/frozen tuna in the first nine months of 2013 totaled almost USD 54 million, a 0.24 percent growth compared to the same period last year.

Canned tuna exports to the EU showed a staggering increase of 76 percent year on year.

Earlier this month it was reported that Vietnam’s global tuna exports for this year were estimated to show a total sales result of USD 600 million, representing a decline compared to last year. Vietnam witnessed a weakening in tuna product volume shipped to its two largest importers, the US and Japan.

But the top five importers of Vietnamese tuna in the EU all reported positive growth. Statistics showed Germany’s imports were up 61.8 percent, Italy’s 4.8 percent, Spain’s 17.8 percent, the Netherlands 85.9 percent and the UK 2.37 percent. Portugal and Poland, which are listed in the top 10 largest EU importers of Vietnamese tuna, witnessed severe upsurges in tuna volume, up 243.5 percent and 491.8 percent respectively.

Vietnam could potentially face tough competition in the EU market, however, with the possibility that the Philippines and Thailand will reach taxation exemption or reduction agreement on tuna exports with Europe.