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US, UK, Germany Called To Invest In Philippine Tuna Management

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is calling for the USA, the UK and Germany to invest in the Philippines after government data has shown exports to these countries threatens the future of the Asian nation’s tuna resource.

Referring to data from the Philippine National Statistics Office, WWF outlined these nations imported more than 10,000 tons of tuna from the Philippines between 2008 and 2010, and are the biggest consumers of canned tuna from the country.

Jose Ingles, WWF official, said: “If these large consumer countries are to continue benefiting from tuna resources from the Philippines and the rest of the Coral Triangle, more investments should be channeled toward the sustainable management of tuna in this part of the world.”

WWF states that the Coral Triangle, the roughly triangular area of the tropical marine waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands and Timor-Lest, is a tuna nursery. WWF explains that highly sought-after species such as yellowfin, bigeye, southern bluefin and skipjack tuna, migrate and spawn in this region.

According to WWF, the Coral Triangle makes for around 30 percent of the total global tuna catch, and accounts for as much as 35 percent of the total tuna catch coming from the Western and Central Pacific Ocean.

Ingles added: “The Philippine tuna industry is struggling to meet increasing global demands, placing more pressure on fully exploited stocks in the Coral Triangle.” He said: “Signs of overfishing are also occurring throughout Philippine waters”.

Talking on behalf of the WWF, Ingles stressed that the fishing industry needs “to ensure the sustainability of this commercially valuable ocean resource, which is a source of food and livelihood for millions of people. Not doing so would mean the collapse not only of economies, but the lives of those who directly depend on this industry.”