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Lobbying Norway To Reduce Duty On Indonesian Tuna

Indonesia is lobbying Norway to reduce duties on its tuna exports to the European country, Indonesian news agency ANTARA reported.

Norway currently imposes a 24-percent duty on its tuna imports from Indonesia, which is equal to the duty within the European Union.  Norway is not a member of the European Union, and has the freedom of determining independently its own duty rates.

“We are attempting to get the duty lowered. The higher import duty is no longer relevant in this era of free trade,” said head of economic and commercial affairs at the Indonesian embassy in Norway, Herry Kostafani, on Tuesday.
Indonesia’s fishery exports to Norway are dominated by ornamental fish while its fishery imports from Norway include salmon.
Both countries have entered the eighth round of talks to discuss efforts to enhance bilateral trade.
“We hope our exports to Norway will increase in the future,” Herry said.
Norway is exploring the possibility of expanding its salmon market in Asia, including China, Singapore and Indonesia which have seen robust economic growth in the past few years.
Data from the Norwegian Seafood Council shows Norway’s salmon exports to Indonesia rose to USD 9.82 million in 2012 from USD 8.11 million in the previous year.
In 2012, Norway held an 86-percent share of Indonesia’s salmon market compared with 54 percent a year earlier.