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University To Open Restaurant Serving Own “Kindai” Farmed Bluefin Japan, November 5, 13

Japans Kinki University on Oct. 29 announced that it will open a restaurant in Tokyo's Ginza district in December, serving up fish farmed by the university's Fisheries Laboratory.

It is the second such restaurant to be opened by the university, following another hugely successful one that opened near JR Osaka Station in April. The new restaurant, which has the lengthy name "Kindaisotsu no Sakana to Kishu no Megumi: Kinki Daigaku Suisankenkyujo" (Kinki University's graduate fish and the Kishu region's bounty: Kinki University Fisheries Laboratory), is set to open on Dec. 2.
The main attraction for customers is the restaurant's bluefin tuna, which the university succeeded in raising from eggs to adult fish for the first time in the world in 2002. The tuna, representing a shift from fishing to breeding, are known as "Kindai tuna," after the abbreviation of the university's name.
Kinki University President Hitoshi Shiozaki said the university would send out its marine products with confidence in their safety, hoping for a good performance from the fish that have "graduated" from the university.