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“The Tuna Fisheries Game Changer”

The Papua New Guinea National Fisheries Authority (NFA) continues to take giant strides towards enhancing the way multi-billion dollar tuna fisheries are managed not only within the country, but internationally as well. A feature of current management regimes in the region as well as globally has been the serious time lag in the analysis of catch data for the purpose of scientific analysis and development of management advice.
To that end the NFA has continued to develop a state-of-the-art Fishery Information Management System (FIMS). The recent development as part of this system is the capability to be able to send fisheries monitoring data collected from designated fisheries ports around the country in real-time to the central database system housed in the NFA head office. The live data is being entered and transmitted through tablet gear using a suite of specifically developed Android® applications, in each port. This has today reached the first 1.0 million reports. Now this capability is being extended to at-sea fisheries observers placed onboard fishing vessels to monitor their activities in PNG waters and throughout the wider Pacific Ocean, in real time.
Managing Director of the PNG National Fisheries Authority, Mr. Sylvester  Pokajam, said “This is a game changer for tuna fisheries management to be able to monitor catch and effort of catches in real-time and maintain  the NFA in the driver’s seat for fisheries management internationally.”