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Seiner Tows “Ghost Yacht” To Tuna Port Marshall Islands, November 5, 13

Captain Carlos Taiva of the Yap State owned purse seiner Yap Seagull is hoping to take under tow a “ghost yacht” found drifting in the region of Tuvalu without any crew on board and any sign of life.
He will then bring the vessel to tuna port of Majuro in the Marshall Islands, a major transshipment port for the Pacific seiner fleet.

Majuro, Marshall Islands

The SV Steven is a 48-foot yacht with a dark blue hull that according to the US Coast Guard has been missing since May this year.
The local shipping agent for the Yap Seagull is RRE’s CENPAC.
Its manager, Romeo Reimers, said Wednesday afternoon that when Captain Taiva’ first saw the abandoned yacht in late August, he placed a GPS tracking buoy on board, retrieved the previous owner’s paperwork and then continued fishing. “He’s now running back to the position he has from the tracking buoy and will hopefully take it in tow. He hopes to get it here by Saturday.”
The yacht is reportedly in good shape, which is apparently why the captain is going to the effort of retrieving the boat.
According to the Coast Guard, the master of the vessel went overboard in Tahitian waters in May.