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Plant-Based Sashimi As Replacement For Wild Bluefin?

A Japanese company has introduced a fake sashimi product, hoping to take on some of the popularity of bluefin tuna. The plant-based version, which has been described as a rubbery jelly made from a variety of potatoes, is being marketed as giving the same dining experience without contributing to overfishing.

The Japanese company has produced the product called ‘Konnyaku’ as an alternative to the over exploited bluefin tuna that normally makes up this hugely popular Japanese dish. Critical comments about the product were posted on the website of Kokatu East, an Asian internet culture commenting on the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. It reported: “Previously, this same company released a konnyaku version of liver sashimi and several deadly cases of food poisoning caused the dish to disappear from restaurant menus.”

The faux sashimi product is turned from grayish brown to red with the use of natural tomato coloring. The Konnyaku is said to be very healthy and high in fiber. The “substitute” sashimi will be retailed at a far lower cost than the product made with bluefin tuna.