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Pacifical’s Austrian MSC Launch Start Of European Roll-Out

The launch of Pacifical MSC canned tuna in the Austrian market lays the path for the sustainable product to roll-out through Europe. As collaboration between the Netherlands based tuna market company Sustunable bv and the PNA countries, Pacifical has jumped into the market with SPAR Austria becoming the first to sell free school skipjack tuna from the only MSC certified industrial purse seine fishery in the world.

Pacifical tuna, from the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) hit shelves in SPAR Austria on Friday, retailing under its home brand. It’s entry into the Austrian market is the beginning of the products roll out throughout Europe and beyond.

In an interview on Radio Australia, Maurice Brownjohn, PNA Commercial Manager said: “At the moment we are only dealing with the leading retailers that are associated with the MSC and sustainability in each country. SPAR Austria is the lead, they are the first one to get the product and now we will build up production and we will start to supply other retailers that we have arrangements with throughout the world. We have global demand for this.”

Brownjohn explained the product has received demand from as far as South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. He said: “It’s an economic incentive to work sustainably and will benefit the island nations.”