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John West Australia And WWF Partner On Conservation Projects Australia, November 4, 13

John West Australia, which is owned by Simplot Australia, has partnered up with World Wide Fund (WWF) to launch two new conservation projects regarding responsible seafood products in the Maldives and Pacific Islands.

The John West Conservation Program is part of the WWF marine conservation projects in which John West will invest $600.000 to ensure responsible seafood and fisheries. The program is also bound to improve social and economic wellbeing of fishing communities through the Pacific Islands Conservation Projects on the Solomon Island and Papua New Guinea.

The communities in the Pacific are used to fishing around reefs, which is proven to cause overfishing. The dropping numbers on reef fish could have negative consequences for them.

The Pacific Island Conservation program will provide local communities with the resources to build floating rafts close to shore that will attract non-reef fish, to ensure overfishing will not occur in the reef areas. Local fishers will catch enough to feed their families and to sell through small businesses, which the project will help the fishers with.

WWF’s CEO Dermot O’Gorman stated that these small floating rafts create a win-win situation, since local communities will get a new source of fish and income while the overfished reefs get a chance to replenish.

John West is also partnering up with the Maldives Conservation Project to help leading pole-and-line skipjack tuna fishery in the Maldives and increase the availability of responsibly sourced tuna and renew the fishery’s MSC certification. John West also updated labeling providing the consumer with the information on species and catching location and manner.

Terry O’Brien, Managing Director of Simplot Australia (owner of John West Australia) and Dermot O’Gorman, CEO of WWF-Australia