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Ecuador’s Exports Heading For USD 2 Billion

Ecuador’s tuna exports for 2013 have already reached USD 1.8 billion according to Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, William Moran. The numbers reveal that the world’s second largest tuna exporting nation is showing sustained positive results in the value of its exported products, helped by record high global tuna prices.

The figures were released during the Regional Forum on Tuna Sustainability, which was held in Manta, Ecuador, last week. The meeting set out to assess the conservation of tunas where the sector agreed that the region, especially Ecuador, met environmental sustainability standards.

According to Trade Map Data in 2012, Ecuador exported 154,215 tons of canned tuna and pre-cooked loins to over 20 different destinations. It’s shipped tuna volume has increased consistently since 2009, with last year’s exports for the South American country representing a significant increase of 90 percent from three years before according to the information source.
While Ecuador commonly catches around 200,000 tons of tuna with its flagged vessels, the nation imports a considerable volume of tuna raw material from other countries. The Ecuadorian tuna processing industry produces around 400,000 tons of finished tuna products.
Ecuador’s three major exports destination countries are Venezuela, Spain and the United States, together receiving around 44 percent of its shipped tuna in 2012.
At the Forum, the sector shared the opinion that Ecuador was committed to reducing by-catch and stressed that so far the application of tuna fishing bans in the Eastern Pacific Ocean has been successful in reaching this goal.