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eBooks: How Leading Tuna Brands Reach Consumers

Italian tuna brand, Rio Mare has launched a new downloadable eBook that offers consumers a portfolio of recipes aimed to promote the health benefits of eating tuna. The latest promotion from the Bolton Group’s owned brand is an initiative to encourage people to include tuna in their diet at least two times a week.

Consumers will have access to a wide collection of recipes that use Rio Mare products and have been designed by chef-researcher, Marco Bianchi. The new eBook will be available from the Rio Mare website.

Luciano Pirovano, CRS Director of Food Bolton said: “With Marco Bianchi we have identified a common ground on which to confront and work in synergy. Rio Mare is in fact a company that is very attentive to the issue of proper nutrition, both in the development of new products and in the activity of consumer education.”

And Rio Mare is not the only tuna brand emphasizing the benefits of tuna consumption in online downloadable form. Earlier this year, Bumble Bee Foods, with one of the leading US canned tuna brands, introduced a quarterly eBook on health and wellness as part of its ‘BeeWell For Life’ initiative.

Further steps into the interactive world with the launch of its new eBook, follows the introduction of an iTuna app for Rio Mare earlier this year. The brand’s aim for a more communicative relationship with consumers is to disseminate and promote the benefits of canned tuna, as well as mackerel and salmon.