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Decommissioned Seiners Turned Into Luxury Yachts Spain, November 4, 13

Spanish shipbuilding company, Armon, is recycling old tuna vessels to make way for a new generation of seiners. Eventually boats that are no longer operational will be transformed into luxury yachts and offshore boats, while new hi-tech purse seiners with complex designs and 300 ton storage capacities are set to take their place.

Shipyard Armon in Gijon, Spain

The Armon shipyard in Gijon, Spain was granted the allowance for the construction of several tuna purse seiners around 18 months ago. The building of the vessels was mainly contracted for Mexican ship-owner, Antonio Suarez.

As many currently operational tuna vessels will become unused with their replacement, the ships will be converted and parts will be recycled for the creation of oceanographic research vessels, yachts and recreational boats.

According to the shipyard’s technical director, each ship-owner added different innovations into the construction and design of the modern vessels. He emphasized the complexity of the projects.

He said: “These are very complicated designs and boats are much studied. One of the new features recently added was to increase the bow height by one meter to give more security to the structure. At first I thought it was an interesting topic, but simple, but the reality is that they incorporate a lot of complexity.”

The shipyard technical director also explained that one of the next innovations was to try and increase the storage capacity of the vessels to reach 300 tons of tuna per day. Current average capacity stands at around 90 to 120 tons.