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Burglar Gets 18 Months After DNA Found In Tuna Salad

A burglar has been arrested and sentenced to 18 months in prison after traces of his DNA were found in a tuna salad at the scene. The 27 year old man who ransacked a house in York Place, St Clement’s, Oxford, was caught after stealing four laptops, computer equipment and cash.

Ann Evans, prosecuting Aaron Carrol, explained that there were fingerprints on the back door, and DNA was found on a plastic fork left in a tuna salad in the house.

The defendant carried 27 previous offences on his record, including handling stolen goods, assault, theft and criminal damage. He said he had “no recollection” of entering the property.

Sarah Holland, defending Mr. Carrol, said that braking into the student house was an “impulsive action” and “these offenses were committed under the influence of alcohol and he knows the impact it has had.”

Judge Mary-Jane Mowat gave the 18 month sentence to Carrol, and said this was “in view of the seriousness of this burglary and the fact you have many previous convictions.”