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Asdomar’s “True Italian Tuna Quality”

The owners of the Italian tuna brand, ASDOMAR, market their brand as the “true Italian tuna quality”, in a time that the Italian economy is facing high employment and economic austerity. The brand is owned by Generale Conserve, takes second place for fish products in Italy, with 60 percent of its sales coming from tuna, according to the company’s website.

The company emphasizes in its communication and prides itself on domestic production and the creation of employment in Italy. In 2008, Generale Conserve acquired a tuna production plant in the Sardinian town, Olbia, followed by the purchase of a brand new tuna processing factory a few hundred meters away, in 2010. Last year the company had a total turnover of USD 151 million.

Its main brand, ASDOMAR, is ranked third in the total Italian tuna market, and has an extensive product portfolio including canned tuna, tuna fillets and tuna paté, produced using yellowfin and skipjack tuna. It markets its products under the FOS eco-logo, and also some of their products mention the Genova Aquarium as an organization supporting the sustainability of the tuna.

Generale Conserve, with the vision of its President, Vito Gulli, states that it focuses on jump-starting the Italian economy by creating employment within the country through the cutting, cleaning and cooking of the tuna to provide “true Italian tuna quality”.

At the end of April this year, the company acquired Italian canned beef brand, Manzotin, which it explained as an objective to expand and diversify the business, capitalizing on the tradition of Italian brands that are recognized by consumers.