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Alaskan Salmon Fishery Re-Certified Under MSC

The Alaskan salmon fishery has been granted re-certification for sustainability by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), after a final adjudication procedure turned down the objections of several stakeholders.  Global seafood markets can continue to source the MSC certified Alaskan salmon and apply the eco-label that represents a sustainable and well-managed fishery.
The fishery sets a record as the first US fishery to receive a third certification in the MSC program and will see canned salmon across the US and several European market marked with the eco-label.  In markets like UK, Netherlands and Belgium with considerable sales of canned Alaska salmon and a high level of MSC penetration in the seafood range, the re-certification will be welcomed by brands and private label holders which earlier made commitments towards selling only MSC fish. Now that Alaska salmon has re-assured its position as MSC certified product on the shelves, pressure on tuna brands and processors to also finally start supplying MSC products could increase, especially in those markets displaying a wide presence of the MSC products throughout the entire canned wild fish range.
First certified in 2000, and again in 2007, the third certification for the Alaskan salmon fishery was assessed by third party body, Intertek Moody Marine (IMM). A large majority of the fishery was found to meet the standards of the MSC accreditation, while the Prince William Sound unit remains in assessment, pending additional data.
Despite several Alaskan salmon processing companies moving away from MSC, with accusations of increasing costs and inconsistent standards, this third certification was undertaken by the 400-member Purse Seine Vessel Owners Association (PSVOA) along with several Alaskan Salmon processors.
Canned salmon ranks in the top two canned fish products in the United States, joined on the shelves by canned tuna, and American canned salmon products are largely supplied for by the Alaskan salmon fishery. The US is the world’s largest canned tuna importing nation. 
The importance  of the re-certification of Alaskan salmon as a key product in the US market could also be an indication what the influence MSC accreditation could be having for the American canned tuna market in the future.