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“Will 2013 Become A Record Tuna Catch Year In The EPO?” What Did You Think? Global, October 1, 13

As part of our Homepage Poll ‘What Do You Think?’ Section, we’ve been asking “Will 2013 become a record tuna catch year in the EPO?” A whole 45 percent of voters believe it will.

This question follows from our recent reports that first half year tonnage for this year had reached 331,740 tons, already accounting for 56 percent of the last record catch in these waters in 2008.

The first six months of this year reveal a significant chance of record end of year volumes, but some believe the IATTC fishing ban could obstruct the soaring numbers.

While 25 percent of people voted to say that they did not know, which may be prompted by the unpredictable effect the ban may have on catch totals, 30 percent believed that this year would not take the record from 2008 of 556,961 tons.

Just over half of the total catch for 2013’s first half is accounted for by skipjack tuna. The IATTC ban has taken 51 Ecuadorian tuna vessels out of operation for 60 days, with another 45 vessels expected to stop activities during a second ban starting in November.

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