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Uruguay To Tender 3,200 M/T Tuna Licenses Uruguay, June 19, 13

The Uruguay National Directorate of Aquatic Resources (DINARA) will be allowing other companies the permits for tuna and swordfish fishing, to enlarge fishing quotas that the ICCAT (Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas) had given the country of Uruguay.

Daniel Gilardoni, the head of DINARA, stated that the information on the vessels that must still have port of La Paloma, Rocha as a base, is only being released to adequate companies that show interest.

The quotas are said to be fairly extensive, according to Gilardoni, the quotas’ emphases are on the bigeye tuna with 2,000 tons and the albacore with 1,200 tons, adding up to a total of 3,200 tons of tuna licenses. Also permits can be granted for fishing more than 600 tons of swordfish.

The waters are occupied by two Japanese vessels at the moment. They are allowed to fish an amount of five tons of tuna a day and are obliged to have Uruguayan members on their crew. According to Gilardoni, the Japanese fishing technology is very efficient for the current market, such as the ability to freeze tuna to -60 °C. In addition, Japanese boats reach depths that are hundreds of meters more than the Uruguayan fleet.

After discussing all the Japanese upsides, the head of DINARA concluded that the national flag carried great importance as well. “These Japanese ships make it possible for us to learn about what we can fish, but what we want to have more ships with our national flag and with the maximum number of local crew members.”