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Tuna Vessel Catches Fire In Dry-dock Mexico, June 10, 13

The tuna boat “Teresa Gianini” recorded a powerful fire while moored in the Mexican harbor of Manzanillo, Colima last week.

Apparently some repair work was taking place on the vessel when a spark jumped causing the fire.

The fire immediately mobilized firefighters from several fire departments in the area and from the port administration that arrived at the scene to control the blaze.
The vessel “Theresa Gianini” is owned by a tuna company of Mazatlan and was docked in the port of Manzanillo to load fuel and supplies, when suddenly, smoke started coming out of the engine room and within minutes the fire had spread through most of the boat.
Despite the efforts, the fire had revived prompting around 10 light explosions. The incident caused alarm, because the it occurred in an area near a fuel station.
Although an official report has not yet been issued, the preliminary information is that at least 21 people were affected by the smoke and a firefighter was injured.
The boat is considered total loss.