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Tuna Seiner Auxiliary “Explorer Tres” Rescues 10 Crew From Sinking Vessel

Tuna seiner auxiliary, ‘Explorer Tres’ has rescued ten crew members from the longline vessel ‘Rías Baixas Un’ that began to sink around 700 miles of the coast of Dakar, Senegal. The Spanish crew decided to flee the ship in three life rafts after a supposed leak caused the vessel to begin to take in water.

Albacora S.A. owned Explorer Tres, an auxiliary vessel to one of the Albacora tuna seiners of the Galician region of Spain, arrived at the incident and rescued all crew members unharmed. The National Coordinating Centre Rescue in Madrid contacted the ship to tell them that the involved crew members were abandoning the sinking longliner before risk of collapse.

The Maritime Rescue Centre in Dakar reported that it “had no means to respond to the emergency” and explained that the vessels that were mobilized were closer to the incident.

The ‘Rías Baixas Un’ longline vessel, owned by Pesquera Carmar SL sank in calm waters and the company refused to make a statement about the event. Research on the causes of the incident will now take place.