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TMI Gets Green Light For Samoa Cannery American Samoa, June 3, 13

Samoa Tuna Processors has finally gotten the green light from the US Army Corp of Engineers to move forward with the construction of a dock and seawall at their plant in Atu’u.

Tri-Marine International, parent company for STP, today announced that the Army Corps has issued the preliminary permit for the installation of a new seawall and dock.

Tri-Marine said in a statement that it has been assured that the final, fully executed permit will be provided in the coming days.

The company said the issuance of this permit is the culmination of over two years of continuous effort with local and federal agencies and territorial leaders. It says the permit removes a significant risk to development plans for Samoa Tuna Processors.

Substantial work and investment at Samoa Tuna Processors has already been completed and is ongoing.

Tri-Marine said the new 5,000 metric ton capacity cold store was completed in April and is now being used to offload and store tuna delivered by fishing vessels based in American Samoa.

The fresh and frozen tuna processing plant to be used for processing premium quality tuna for the export market for sashimi, sushi and tuna steaks is well underway with completion expected in October of this year.

Meanwhile, construction and investment has been continuing on the tuna canning facility. Building materials have been ordered and preparation work completed.

The company said, “With the uncertainty of the seawall permit behind us, our focus will now turn to the cannery construction phase, following which we will be ordering and installing the equipment needed to process tuna for canning.”

“As we have previously reported, this will take about 18 months to complete and will require substantial involvement of local contractors and the growing staff of Samoa Tuna Processors.”

The Tri-Marine team and in particular the management and staff of Samoa Tuna Processors say they are very eager.