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Targeting EPO Yellowfin As Solution To Falling Catches

A project to enhance the tuna catches of fishermen in the Caldera region of Chile will target yellowfin tuna in the eastern Pacific Ocean (EPO).  Caldera fishermen met with the Regional Governor, Rafael Prohens with the aim of finding solutions to the lack of fishing resources, a situation that has been increasing over time.

The project is an initiative of the University of Antofagasta, and will exploit the yellowfin tuna of the EPO. The assignment will be implemented for two years and require a National Fund for Regional Development investment of around USD 1 million.

Prohens said: “We had this project in the pipeline for quite some time. Today the fishermen show that the plan is finished.” He explained that the highest authorities were very pleased with the plans of the project and how it would contribute to the entire region’s productivity.

José Ingacio Esquivel, Secretary of the Ministry of Regional Economy, explained that the fishermen demanded solutions to the low sustainability shown by the resource of tuna, and the solution that they have supplied is that of the yellowfin tuna. He said that the study and exploitation of this species was chosen because it has prospects. “The target is not to give an economic incentive such as ‘feed today and starve tomorrow,’ but to aim at a useable resource in the long run, so fishermen can have livelihood over time,” he added.