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Survey: Consumers Confused About Canned Food United States, June 24, 13

A recent consumer survey commissioned by the Canned Food Alliance (CFA) shows that most Americans are convinced of the advantages of canned foods, but that there is also a misconception about their packaged or frozen variants.

According to the survey, over 80% of Americans uses canned food a couple of times a month and 60% at least once a week. Still, a large number of consumers are misinformed or have an inaccurate view of the pros and cons of canned foods.

Firstly, the survey found that American consumers are not aware of the similarities of canned and fresh or frozen foods when it comes to their nutrition. Only about a quarter of the respondents thought that canned foods and frozen foods had comparable nutrition values. In addition, less than a fifth had that idea about canned and fresh foods. Studies and research conclude that canned foods are equivalent to both.

On top of that, many respondents believe that canned food is inevitably high in sodium, with not more than half assuming its sodium levels could be low. However, a lot of reduced or “no added” sodium options exist.

Half of Americans also indicated that they believed canned foods to be significantly processed. Another matter on which they were unaware of the opposite being true.

Executive director of CFA Rich Ravoletti voiced his opinion on the topic, saying consumers are misinformed by food companies, which need to give them a better understanding of the nutrition of canned food. He also believes “Americans continue to underestimate the value of canned foods in a healthy diet”.