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Spanish Gov’t: To do “Everything Possible” On Objections Free Trade With Thailand Spain, June 14, 13

In reaction to a written inquiry by Javier Losada, member of the Socialist Party , the Spanish government reported it wants to make sure that the agreement with Thailand is “satisfactorily resolved” concerning the Spanish tuna canning industry. It stated it was “doing everything possible (…) especially for the Galicians”.
The government also reports it realizes the potentially damaging effects of the possible elimination of tariffs on imports of canned tuna from Thailand on the Spanish canning industry, particularly Galicia’s.

It also states that it has participated actively providing information to ensure canned tuna is considered a sensitive product from the start of the negotiation process for the Free Trade Agreement.

The Ministry of Agriculture allegedly stays in close contact with the Ministry of Economy, the European Commission and ANFACO. The Secretary of State for Trade held a meeting with the sector in which they were updated on all developments of the EU’s ongoing globe trade negotiations.