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Spanish Congress Supports Local Canners In Demands Towards Thailand Spain, June 20, 13

Anfaco, the group that represents Spanish canners, announced that their demands regarding their trade negotiations with Thailand are being supported by political groups within the Spanish Congress of Deputies.

The European Union (EU) has been undertaking trade negotiations with developing countries, allowing them to have their fair share in European trade. Anfaco says that a free trade deal with Thailand without any limitations would jeopardize the future of the European tuna canning industry.

The Spanish Socialist Party stated earlier that it is keeping close contact with the EU and Anfaco to ensure that the agreement with Thailand concerning the Spanish tuna canning industry “satisfactorily resolved”, realizing the catastrophic effect elimination of tariffs might have.

Juan Manuel Vieites, Anfaco’s general secretary, indicated that they have come to the agreement that all fish products are excluded from the potential new trade regulations with Thailand. According to Vieites, this request will be approved in the upcoming days, with the total support of the Spanish Congress.