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Spanish Captain Gets Six Months Jail Over Seiner Crash

The Captain of the Spanish tuna seiner, Almadraba Uno, Wednesday received a six month jail sentence following the collision of the vessel with rocks off the coast of Senegal. The ship ran aground in a protected marine area and the Captain has been charged for environmental damages.

The Dakar court also issued half a year in prison to the skipper of the crew following the incident. The prosecutor pushed for the Spanish fishermen to receive sentences of three years imprisonment.

Grupo Calvo, that operated the vessel, recently acquired 100 percent of PETUSA, Almadraba Uno’s owner. Calvo will now face fines of around USD 4 million to be paid to the National Agency Maritime Affairs of Senegal and USD 202,000 in damages to the state.

Of the six month sentencing for the fishermen, only one month is firm. Given the fact that the fishermen have been detained since September 13, there is potential for them to be free by October 13.