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Shortage In Cans Affects Tuna Cannery Venezuela, June 10, 13

Union representatives from the Fishing Industry of Sucre, Venezuela, last week reported that the lack of packaging has affected the production of canned fish.
SIDOR, the largest Venezuelan state-owned steel company, has been experiencing difficulties the past several months. Steel supply has been running low. Earlier this year, it had to shut down its tinplate production lines due to the lack of raw material.
According to the syndicates representing La Gaviota, Alimentos Margarita, Eveba, Atun Paraguaná, Caip and Corporacion 3C, the situation at SIDOR has had an effect on the country’s packaging manufacture, which in turn has affected the canning production and, in some cases, also worsen working conditions.
The fishing industry in the state of Sucre generates an estimated 9,000 direct jobs. Companies like Atun Paraguaná, Eveba and Alimentos Margarita had to lower their production or even stop producing canned products altogether due to the tinplate shortage.
The union representatives say that several companies are looking for a way to import packaging. Other domestic factories located in the center of the country are importing tinplate, however the amount does not satisfy the demand. “The situation has affected working conditions, jobs and the economy of the area.”
In the meantime, and according to the information they’ve obtained, SIDOR has already started tin plate production. Atun Paraguaná says to have received 105 tons the past two weeks for the manufacture of cans for their products. Last Wednesday, La Gaviota received over 30 tons.
Members of the Federation of Sucre URT Workers called on governmental authorities to ensure the domestic production of tinplates and packing material, as well as its regular distribution to the Fishing industry.