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Scottish Catch A Unique 233 Kilogram Bluefin United Kingdom, September 30, 13

The first bluefin believed to have been landed in Scotland has weighed in at 233 kg. Caught by local tour operator, Kida Cruises, the 2.74 meter tuna was found just off the coast of Harris, West Isles.

The tour company had ordered specialist fishing gear from the US after previously spotting tuna chasing mackerel off the coast. They also brought in an expert tuna fisherman to give advice.

Rising water temperatures are said to be the reason that more tuna are making their way closer to the coast of Europe. Earlier this month saw the landing of the first ever skipjack to be caught in British waters in Devon.

Environmental group, Greenpeace, believe that the bluefin tuna’s population has severely declined due to high demand and have placed it on its ‘Red List’. Some studies however suggest that as a result of conservation efforts, stock levels may be improving.

The biggest bluefin caught on record was a huge 678 kilograms and was landed in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1979.