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Prosalud Firming Its Grip On Central American Tuna Markets

Prosalud is one of the companies in Latin America showing, within the tuna sector, leadership on innovation and quality throughout its extensive list of products. Its Sardimar brand, which offers several products including a wide variety of canned tuna, has become an important player in the Central American market of Costa Rica, but also in El Salvador and Guatemala.

With 37 years of experience in the business, in 2011, the company changed its name from Sardimar to Alimentos Prosalud, with Sardimar remaining one of its leading brands. Prosalud has plans of strong growth and to continue expanding into new foods beyond seafood products.

The company is one of the largest seafood processors and exports to more than 20 countries in Europe and the Americas. Among others, its line of products includes tuna, sardines, mussels and salmon.

Throughout Central America, Prosalud also markets its Pacifico Azul brand, which the company states has contributed to the per capita growth of tuna consumption in Guatemala and El Salvador. Its array of tuna brands also includes Splash and Gaviota tuna.

Spanning its wide range of tuna products, the company offers bonito and yellowfin caught in the eastern Pacific Ocean. The tuna is then processed on the American continent in a modern tuna production plant before exportation to various destinations.

Across Europe and North America, Prosalud’s Tonnino tuna brand is targeted towards the gourmet food market with yellowfin in olive oil in glass jars and, during 2012, the company introduced Badesi brand to Costa Rica, tempting consumers with ready meals infused with tuna. Blue Pacific is the sister brand of Sardimar and is sold in Panama.

In 2011, Prosalud reported sales growth of 30 percent, with the introduction of brand Badesi expected to fuel another 10 percent hike during 2012.

The company, founded in 1973 in Costa Rica, now uses a process that recovers 100 percent of waste from production which has allowed for its entrance into the organic fertilizer market. Fertipez and Nutripez are Prosalud’s brands in this industry.