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PNG Requests ANFACO To Render Evidence On “Smuggling” Papua New Guinea, October 28, 13

Officials in Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) National Fisheries Authority (NFA) are shocked and have ordered a full investigation into recent “smuggling” allegations by ANFACO. In a letter issued to ANFACO, the PNG NFA is requesting the Spanish Organization to provide evidence based on its accusations.

The Spanish National Association of Manufacturers of Canned Fish and Seafood (ANFACO) made heavy indictments that a Philippine tuna processing company, with production facilities in PNG, was illegally avoiding the 24 percent tariff charges on canned tuna to the EU through unlawful transshipments.

In its letter issued to ANFACO, dated 25 October 2013, the NFA stated: “Please be advised that we have immediately implemented an investigation into your accusation, however to assist with our investigations, we demand that ANFACO provides your evidence to justify your accusations and assist in our investigations.”

ANFACO accused Philippine canned tuna producers of arriving at PNG harbors “usually at night” to avoid controls of PNG authorities at the docks, and to take advantage of PNGs zero duty trade agreement on canned tuna to the EU. PNG authorities have reacted with perplexity. NFA urges ANFACO to substantiate their claims to assist the investigations.

In the letter signed by NFA Managing Director, Sylvester Pokajam, ANFACO is notified that: “The PNG NFA is deeply concerned by the accusations recently made in the media by ANFACO, that canned tuna processed in the Philippines is being smuggled into PNG and re-exported into the EU market to avoid higher duties.

“Please be assured that upon any substantiation of your accusations, the NFA will act decisively, with strong sanctions to protect the EU market from such practices.” contacted ANFACO, however no comments were received in time, before the article was sent for publication.