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Plans For Penang Tuna Port Revival

Grand plans to revive the collapsed Malaysian international tuna port in Batu Maung are being made by the Penang Fishermen Association.  The association wants to turn the 20 acres of seafront land into a satellite township that would offer reasonable rates and facilities to all the fishermen of the region.

Batu Maung is a small fishing village on the southeast tip of Penang Island, Malaysia. Pen Mutiara chairman, Md Zainol Ajamin explained that the tuna port can also be revived with the needs of fishing boats coming into port taken into consideration.

The association wants to prevent the government from selling the land to another private company that may not have the interests of local fishermen at the forefront of plans.

Md Zainol said: “We do not want a repeat of history where the concession for the land was given to a private company and the planned project failed miserably while millions of taxpayers’ money went down the drain.”

He stated that the land carries conditions which rules it must only be used to develop the fishing sector. He is urging the government to take steps to help local fishermen and save the land from falling into the hands of another private company.