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Oman Puts Restrictions On Yellowfin Exports Oman, September 30, 13

Restrictions have been implemented on the amount of yellowfin and longtail/tongol tuna that can be exported from Oman between October 1 and December 12, by the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Dr. Fuad Bin Jaafar Al Sajwani.

It will be required for fish transport and marketing truck owners, along with companies with licenses to sell the products to equal the quantity of tuna that they export with what will go to the local market.

A certificate will be approved for each company by the officer in charge at the local market to state that it was in compliance with the restrictions. This will include the type of fish, the weight, the date and time of marketing, the vehicle number and the name of the vehicle owner.

Each certificate will only be valid for one use, and will be submitted to the ministry each time.

Canned products are not included in the limitations on the condition that each exporter holds a license and is in compliance with fish quality control implemented by the appropriate department at the ministry.

Kingfish and rabbit fish will also face the export restrictions for the same time period. Traders will have to sell 30 percent of Indian mackerel at the local market, with 70 percent allowed for exports.