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New Tuna Plant To Be Opened In Gabon

Next month will see the opening of a new tuna processing plant in Gabon, Africa. Thon des Mascareignes, a tuna production company with a tuna loining plant already in Mauritius, has reached an agreement for the acquisition of Gabon Seafood, a tuna processing plant in Libreville.

The deal was made with the Gabonese authorities after the President visited the company’s current tuna loining facilities in Port Louis, Mauritius. The agreement also includes the development of a tuna cannery and its chain of custody.

Thon des Mascareignes plant manager, Nicolas Maigrot, said: “The rehabilitation of the plant is nearing its completion and processing activities, and will begin trading on November 15.”

Employing around 1,600 people and exporting mainly to Europe, Thon des Mascareignes is a subsidiary of IBL, one of the largest business groups in Mauritius. Its processing plant produces cans and pouches of tuna, as well as tuna loins, and most of exports arrive in Spain, France, Italy and the United States. Up to about 135 tons of loins can be produced each day at the current facility.