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John West “Infuses” No-Drain Tuna With Basil And Chili United Kingdom, September 30, 13

John West has launched an Inspirations/Infusions range that introduces two new canned tuna products to the market. Hitting the shelves in attractive green and red colored lithographed alu-cans, topped with a re-sealable printed plastic lid, the colors represent the basil flavoring of one, and the chili and garlic flavoring of the other.

The most outstanding features of the tuna, as well as its intricate design, is its ‘no drain’ form and its superb texture and taste. Instead, the ‘broken chunks’ absorb the olive oil giving them a moist, juicy texture, which is complemented by the subtle kick of chili and garlic and the fresh, natural taste of basil.

Both products can be bought in an 80 or 130 gram portion of skipjack tuna infused with the flavors and aromas of the powerful ingredients. The can communicates the tuna as being an easy product to add quickly to pasta, wraps and rice to give it that extra spark. John West promotes it as: “Perfect for exciting snacks and adventurous recipes.”

Made with 100 percent natural ingredients, John West displays a commitment to its principles in providing a healthy product perfect to compliment a balanced diet. The product takes both the name Infusions and Inspirations. In the Netherlands. the product is sold as ‘Inspirations’, in the UK it is marketed as ‘Infusions’.

The can gives no indication to the origin of the skipjack tuna or by which gear type it was caught, but shows the EII dolphin Safe logo twice on the side of the can.

Apart from the innovative production method, this is one of the first canned tuna products that displays its net weight, nutritional information and ingredients on the bottom of the can. This gives more space for communication with the consumer on the side of the can and its printed lid.

John West now has over 20 different canned tuna products in its range of seafood, which also includes salmon, mackerel and sardines.