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John Kerry Praises Anova’s Tuna Sustainability Project

United States-based Anova Foods has been praised last week for its efforts to promote sustainable fishing practices. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, toured some of the company’s operations in Indonesia and commended it on its work.

As part of its range, the company offers yellowfin tuna steaks caught by Indonesian fishermen. Its Fishing and Living initiative implements sustainability, community improvement and aid projects. Anova recently gained foundation status in Indonesia and is in partnership with the US Agency for International Development.

John Kerry praised Anova on its work this week when he was hosted in Indonesia by the foundation’s directors and shown the company’s tuna sustainability operations at the Benoa port in Bali.

He said: “These fish come to Outback Steakhouse and to WalMart, so everybody in America has a connection to what is happening here. And that’s why I wanted to come over here to congratulate them for what they’re doing and to learn a little more about it.”

Foundation director, Aditya Utama, explained that the foundation worked with small-scale, local fisheries across Indonesia. Utama outlined: “There are over three million small-scale fishermen in Indonesia whose livelihood and food security depend on sustainable fisheries. The goal of the foundation is to ensure both the sustainability of the fish and the sustainability of the fisherman and his community.”