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Hagoromo Recalls 6.72 Million Tuna Cans On Histamine

Hagoromo Food Corp., Japan’s main tuna processing company, has announced that it will recall a substantial 6.72 million cans of tuna from the market after examination revealed that histamine levels in the fish were above the maximum threshold.

Following complaints from consumers of allergy-like symptoms, including itchiness in the mouth, the Shizuoka based company’s Sea Chicken Mild tuna products were found to have harmful levels of the nitrogen compound.

Hagoromo will be voluntarily recalling three different Sea Chicken products with expiration dates ranging from July 7 to August 27, 2016. There have been no reports of serious symptoms following consumption of the canned tuna products.

According to Hagoromo Foods, histamine is a substance produced by the enzyme of the amino acid contained in many fish and for some consumers, symptoms similar to an allergic reaction can occur. Hagoromo stated that histamine levels can increase due to incorrect temperatures of refrigerators used in the tuna manufacturing process.

The company founded in 1931 offers a range of food products, including canned goods, pouches, pasta, rice, pet food and fish extracts. Its Sea Chicken line of tuna consists of more than 20 varieties.