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Group Fills Its Med Bluefin Quota In Seven Days Spain, June 7, 13

The Balfegó Group, largest in Spain in bluefin tuna supply, filled its 1.146 tons of bluefin tuna fishing quota in seven days. Last year the group completed its 700 tons quota in five days. According to Balfego, this demonstrates the recovery of the species.
Balfegó started the bluefin tuna fishing season on May 26th with an additional seven tuna vessels, two Spanish, four French and one Greek, besides its own two boats (La Frau Dos and Tío Gel Segon). The nine vessels had the assistance of 14 boats.
In a statement, the company said that the speed in which these vessels have completed the campaign demonstrates that delaying the start of the purse seine fishing season by 10 days is very appropriate to facilitate the reproduction of the species and the reduction of fishing effort, consequently reducing environmental impact.
Balfegó’s CEO , Juan Serrano, stated that never before had it been possible to fill the quota so soon, which, in his opinion, “shows that things are going well” and that the measures taken to recover the species are working.
The new fishing period established by ICCAT for the purse seine fleet of the Western Mediterranean is from May 26 to June 24, to facilitate the reproduction of the species.