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Glenn Hurry: “It Will Be A Tough Week In Cairns”

New significant measures to restrict tuna catches in the Pacific Ocean will be negotiated in Cairns, Australia, in December when Pacific member countries will meet. WCPFC Executive Director, Professor Glenn Hurry, has said it will be a tough week as they consider recommendations to further limit the weight of Pacific longline catches.
Some likely disagreement to the measures has already been unveiled, as the Hawaii longline fishery has indicated it will not approve, and US scientists say purse seine vessels are the ones removing juvenile bigeye tuna from the Ocean at increasing rates.

WCPFC Executive Director, Professor Glenn Hurry

Professor Hurry explained that there are several changes that have been proposed to come into action. He said: “It’s going to be difficult, I mean I make no claims that there’s anything simple about this measure at all. And it will affect fleets, I mean at the end of the day we’ve got to reduce the quota of bigeye and we’ve got to stabilize the catches of the other two species, skipjack and yellowfin.  So there’ll be a lot of very big industry operators at the table who are going to be watching this and potentially concerned about how it develops.”
The global longline fleet consists of around 8,700 vessels. Continued efforts have been made by industry officials to impose limits on this fleet. Earlier this year, the PNA Secretariat presented a new proposal that would reduce bigeye catch in the Western Pacific and which also suggested a freeze on foreign longline and purse seine fleets in the region, along with a reduction of fishing on FADs.