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German Importers Show Increased Buying Activity On Canned Tuna

German buyers have strongly increased their imports of canned tuna so far this year. Ecuador has taken the top spot for supplying canned tuna to Germany from January to July this year, followed by Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam. The South American country has strengthened its position from standing in third place in 2012.

January to July 2013 has seen Ecuador’s exports to Germany soar dramatically, already reaching a whole 87 percent of its 2012 total export figure to the European country. Exports show growth of a massive 93 percent on the same period last year.  In the first seven months of 2013, Germany imported 963,041 cartons (48x185g) from Ecuador. 

The nation more than doubled its canned tuna exports to Germany in a dramatic upsurge from 2010 to 2011, that saw volumes rise from 825,811 cartons to 1,704,369 cartons. However, last year Ecuador’s exports to Germany dropped by a significant 35 percent from 2011. This caused the South American country to fall behind Philippines and Papua New Guinea for shipped volume.  

It seems that Ecuador is witnessing a recovery this year, with its exports of canned tuna to the Germany market increasing dramatically compared to 2012. It is thought that this is prompted by enhanced landings of tuna for the country at the end of last year.

It appears that Germany’s total canned tuna imports are increasing dramatically this year. With over 20 nations shipping the product to its borders, imports for the country for January to July are up 14 percent on the same period in 2012, and at 4,869,842 cartons, already 63 percent of last year’s total import figure.  

Ecuador’s free trade agreement on canned tuna to the EU makes it surely stronger and more competitive against other top exporting nations such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Spain and Thailand that do not enjoy this benefit, and pay in the range of 20.5 and 24 percent duty on canned tuna destined for the European Union.

The Philippines continues to maintain strong competition in the market however, producing canned tuna at an average CFR value per carton of 48x185g at USD 38.24 in 2012. Its considerably lower CFR price, at a whole USD 15.39 less than Ecuador for the same year, allows the country to hold a powerful position for German imports, while still subject to over 20 percent duty on its trade. Philippines is in Germany the dominant player in the catering tuna range, but continues also to be an actor in retail packs.