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EU Long Distance Fleet Also Wants To Keep Thailand Out European Union, June 4, 13

The Spanish National Association of Manufacturers of Canned Fish and Seafood (Anfaco) just added new support to its offense to get the European Union to exclude canned tuna from the trade agreement that the EU is negotiating with Thailand. Anfaco considers that providing duty free tariff to the first world producer of canned tuna would seriously jeopardize the future of the communitarian industry.
The new support that Anfaco achieved is from the executive committee of the Regional Council Advisory of the Long Distance Fleet (LDRAC), an advisory body of the EU.

Thus, according to Juan Manuel Vieites, Anfaco’s secretary general, LDRAC approved a notion during its recent meeting in Tangier. Therefore, it will present a concept before the European Commission, in which it requests “to include -within the agreement- chapters in relation to the effective ratification, implementation and compliance with international conventions, which regard social, labor, governance and environmental issues, in line with what is required. Furthermore, the countries that want to benefit from the GSP + (tariff preference) must meet these requirements”.

Moreover, it also requested “to introduce effective mechanisms to ensure that social and environmental conditions of production are monitored and improved, taking into account the particular sensitivity of the tuna sector in the EU and conditioning the agreement to strictly comply with the EU regulations and norms of the international conventions, ensuring monitoring and control.”