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Century Old UK Tuna Import Business For Sale United Kingdom, June 18, 13

A small but well known English canned tuna importer is offering his business for sale at the UK based website

On the website it is described that “It has been constantly sourcing and selling the finest tuna from around the globe for more than a century It purchases tinned and processed tuna directly from a number of worldwide canning and processing plants while ensuring the lowest prices and the highest yields possible”.
“Long-standing commercial relationships with its suppliers. It handles all of the logistics from global shipments to the point of delivery. The goods are landed in the UK and stored in a warehouse in the North West of England. From there the goods are shipped to the customers' premises”.
The company has most of its in the food processing and catering sector, and sells to them mostly pouch packs produced in 3kg or 7kg weights. The canned tuna is in either 1.8kg or 3kg size, both of which provide maximum product yield. NP £250k. Relocatable.
A turnover of GBP 3,246,000 is reported along with an annual profit of GBP 250,000. The business is available to potential buyers at the asking price of GBP 200,000, according to

(Editor's note: Seller just contacted us and pointed out that the correct asking price is GBP 2 million and not as stated on Business Sale website).