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Calvo Buys Petusa Spain, October 2, 13

Spanish canned tuna and consumer goods giant, Calvo Group, has acquired 100 percent of Spanish company PETUSA that owns the tuna purse seiner Almadraba Uno. Calvo has been operating the tuna fishing vessel since January this year.

Almadraba Uno at sea
After the ship hit rocks shortly after leaving the port of Dakar on August 2nd, concerns were raised about the possibility of an oil leak and contamination of the surrounding waters. Senegal called for PETUSA to pay compensation of 4.7 million for the incident’s environmental damage. The vessel is now under new ownership by Calvo, who has brought out the whole of PETUSA.

Before the deal, Calvo financed the tuna fishing trips of Almadraba Uno under the ownership of PETUSA and acquired the fish that was caught.