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Bumble Bee Joins Clinton Initiative On Seafood Sustainability United States, September 30, 13

One of the US big three tuna brands, Bumble Bee, has announced joint commitment with WWF to the seafood sustainability of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). It builds on the commitment of Bumble Bee to contribute a minimum of USD 1 million to WWF’s conservation efforts through the sale of the niche product line, MSC certified ‘Wild Selections’. This commitment does not relate to the regular Bumble Bee canned seafood range.

Bumble Bee President and CEO, Chris Lischewski along with President and CEO of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Carter Roberts. announced the joint initiative at the CGI Annual meeting.

Lischewski said: “Today’s shared commitment will enhance our efforts to educate consumers of the importance of seafood and ocean conservation…Ultimately through this partnership our goal is to expand and create additional sustainably certified fisheries, and to impact seafood sustainability on a significant scale.”

As part of its original commitment, Bumble Bee vows to give 13 cents per can of ‘Wild Selections’ tuna sold, to the minimum of USD 1 million over five years to support WWF programs to improve fisheries, protect marine species and expand sustainable fishing practices globally. However, no such commitment to contributing to sustainability conservation can be seen through the sales of its major product line.

To reach the projected minimum of USD 1 million for WWF, Bumble Bee will need to sell 1.5 million cans of tuna per year of the five year commitment across the whole of the United States. Bumble Bee Foods as a whole sells over 1 billion cans of tuna per year to US consumers.

Lischewski pointed to successful partnerships between the industry, scientists and NGO’s, such as its affiliation with the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) as effective in helping to advance sustainability. ISSF however has recently been reported to deny a commitment by the US big three tuna brands to become Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified, like the niche range of ‘Wild Selections.'