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Almadraba Fishermen Hope To Improve Their Next Season Spain, June 11, 13

Employers and staff of the trapnet fishery of Cadiz, Spain, have lost all hope of expanding their tuna fishing activity this season. This conclusion was drawn after a meeting last Friday with the Secretary General of Fisheries, Carlos Dominguez. Therefore, they have decided that their only option is to explore alternatives for the next season.
According to the Barbate Mayor, the meeting had caused “disappointment” among the almadraba fishermen, because they realized that Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment’s decision regarding the distribution of the bluefin tuna fishing quotas and of the working capital “is strong” and that there is no chance of counting on the Scientific Observatory which has been a support for the past three years extending the duration of the fisheries and allowing the industry to continue to access benefits.
Six weeks after starting to fish, most of the trapnet fishers of Cadiz are about to close the season because they have already exhausted their quota, except for those who have acquired catching quota from other areas; these can continue fishing.
After Friday’s meeting, the industry players have decided to "already start working” on next year’s campaign to avoid this same situation from occurring, which according to Barbate’s Mayor, would endanger the profitability of this ancient and artisanal bluefin tuna fishery.