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Albacore Fishers To Merge Their MSC Certifications United States, June 6, 13


American Albacore Fishing Association (AAFA) and Western Fishboat Owners Association (WFOA) representing the vast percentage of the US west coast albacore landings are pleased to announce, going into the 2013 albacore season, the two organizations are involved in ongoing productive discussions on issues relevant to both groups.

Both organizations believe in the same goals of fair and equitable pricing and marketing of their albacore tuna as well as mutual cooperation in research and data collection on albacore stocks maintaining a sustainable U.S. fishery now and in the future.

Both groups have been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council as having sustainable and well managed fisheries for albacore tuna in the North and South Pacific and have a goal of merging the two separate certifications into one. This will create MSC certification covering all US troll and pole albacore vessels. The singular certification representing US pole & troll albacore fishermen will clearly identify products for consumers in the US and worldwide.

Both WFOA and AAFA also have increased mutual cooperation in both the international and federal management arena. Both organizations believe access to the resource is a challenge in a high pressure regulatory climate driven by many outside interests, agendas, and money.

We also agree that a united front in both management and marketing is a benefit to the fishermen, fishing community in general, and to the consumer.

WFOA and AAFA believe this is a new beginning for the US albacore troll and pole fleet. Solidarity of the US albacore pole & troll fleet will create a unified voice to manage the many challenges facing our industry.