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90% Of Costa Rica’s Tuna Catch Is Exported Costa Rica, June 20, 13

“There is a potential catch of 25,000 tons of tuna per year, about 90% of which is going to other countries,” said Enrique Ramirez, executive director of Fecop, the Costa Rican Fisheries Federation.

The vast majority of Costa Rica’s tuna catch, which is obtained from the Pacific Ocean, ends up in other countries, while Costa Rica’s fishermen are experiencing great problems due to economic issues, caused by the decrease of marine resources. 15 local fishing families have appealed to the authorities as catches by foreign fleets are creating a very difficult economic situation for them. They want certain fishing zones closed to international tuna fleets.

Ramirez based his remark on a study from the American Tropical Tuna commission, which analyzed the economy of tuna in Costa Rica. They found that a decreasing amount of tuna ended up in the ports of Costa Rica, with a percentage of only 15 in the past decade.

Ramirez also claimed this low number is caused by the improving technology of the international fleet, and that Costa Rica has a hard time competing in their own waters, forcing fishermen to move hundreds of miles further.