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6 International Specialties Infuse “Vier Diamanten” Tuna

Austria’s leading canned fish brand, Vier Diamanten (in English Four Diamonds), is offering its customers a line of international specialties that includes six variations of tuna from the most popular cuisines in the world.

One of the leading brands of the UK based Princes Food and Drink Group, Vier Diamanten says it combines “quality, convenience and value” into its range of products that includes canned tuna, salmon, shellfish and tuna-based recipes.

French, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican and Thai make up the array of international tuna meals that the brand has made available to the Austrian market. In order to increase the usage of its products, the brand’s website provides a collection of recipes to inspire its customers.

Vier Diamanten says: “Discover the spicy Mexican tuna, the beautiful Japanese tuna in sweet soy sauce or Italian tuna with olive oil, basil and other typical Italian ingredients.”

Vier Diamanten tuna is caught by sustainable fisheries, and pole and line skipjack has been introduced into two of its canned tuna products. Vier Diamanten has been Austria’s most popular canned fish brand for 40 years and has a growing presence across Europe. The brand was originally marketed by Japanese keiretsu Mitsubishi, however after the take-over of Princes by the conglomerate, the English company became responsible for its international marketing. Vier Diamanten in produced in Mauritius, Philippines and Thailand.