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300 Lbs Tuna Confiscated After Surprise Catch In UK United Kingdom, June 7, 13

Torquay skipper Dean Corbett knew there was something fishy when instead of pulling mackerel out of Babbacombe Bay, they landed a 300lb tuna.
The fisherman thought he had landed a yellowfin tuna, a rare sight in itself, but after examination the fish turned out to be an even rarer bluefin tuna.

The 4ft 6ins-long fish, usually seen in the warmer waters of the Mediterranean, is thought to have strayed north while following a shoal of mackerel.
It was confiscated by Marine Management Organization officials after being landed at Brixham fish market.
Bluefin tunas are also critically overfished and illegal to catch or sell from British waters.

The fish, which died shortly after being dragged off the rocks by Mr. Corbett and his crew, was taken to the fish market in Brixham where it was correctly identified.

EU restrictions on commercial fishing for bluefin tuna meant Brixham Trawlers Agents auctioneers were obliged to inform the MMO which seized it and had it frozen at a location in Plymouth pending a decision on how best to dispose of it.

Auctioneer Barry Young said: “It is very rare to find bluefin tunas this far north. It must have lost its way while following a shoal of mackerels. We don’t know how much it could sell for but if the MMO decides it can be sold, then it will be done through the Brixham fish market.”

Bluefin tuna are rarely seen in the English Channel.