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Worlds Largest Tuna Cannery To Celebrate 50 Years Of Job Creation

American Samoa is getting ready for August 17th to celebrate the 50 years in operation of StarKist Samoa’s tuna processing plant, which is the largest cannery in the world, with a capacity of close to 500 M/T of raw tuna a day in a single facility. The operation has been essential for the development of the domestic economy and also that of neighboring Samoa in terms of job creation.
The Pago Pago based cannery is the largest private employer in the territory, providing jobs to over 40 percent of the private sector workforce and 14-18 percent of the total country’s workforce.

Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga has announced the day as “StarKist Samoa Day,” and the company that over the last 50 years has employed over 32,000 workers has arranged numerous festive activities for the local community to enjoy.
Since its attainment by Dongwon, one of the world’s largest tuna catching companies, StarKist has invested USD 30 million in the local economy through capital and investments. According to the governor, the company exports around 6,000 containers of cargo per year, to the U.S. and 500 annually to Australia and South East Asia. The logistic operation of getting raw materials for production into the country along with getting finished product exported creates also many jobs in the transport sector.

Brett B. Butler, StarKist Samoa General Manager said: “StarKist Samoa is built on the principle of providing quality products and services that meet or exceed exceptions for performance, reliability and safety, at a competitive cost. We have held true to these values the past 50 years and have continued to grow by constantly improving our products, anticipating the needs of our markets, and above all, by supporting all our vendors and customers.”

StarKist Samoa, through purchases of electricity, fuel, water, gas and miscellaneous items, injected annually an additional USD 30 million into the territory. While the same time the company also benefitted from many tax breaks and special conditions provided towards the minimum salary of its workers.

Butler said 50 years represents an important achievement for any company and it is an opportunity and a time to reflect on the past and plan for new practices and strategies to ensure continued success in the future.