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“Wicked Tuna” Seasons Final Catch Score On NatGeo

On the NATGEO channel in the USA during  tonight’s episode of “Wicked Tuna” fans find the fishermen of Gloucester, Mass. in the last week of the season as they attempt to catch the elusive bluefin tuna. So far, the leaderboard is as follows: still has thirteen for USD 93,794. Pin Wheel is currently out fishing with two onboard and remains with thirteen for USD 74,179. Lisa & Jake pulled into third place with eight fish and a total of USD 41,893. Odysea has six for USD 36,348. Hard Merchandise is next with six fish for USD 35,996 and Bounty Hunter is firmly in last place with two fish for USD 4,435 with minutes ticking down on “Wicked Tuna.”

As the episode begins, there are three days left before the season ends. has not caught a fish in a week. Bill Monte is hoping for his miracle last catch. Paul is looking for that USD 50,000 mark and is just shy of USD 8,000 to achieve this goal. Pin Wheel is gunning for first place, and will do what they can to prevent this from happening. Dave Marciano needs one more too so his family can have a good winter.

The reel starts spinning on the, and Sandro wants to haul this one in, but the fish pulls the hook and adds to Dave’s stress level.

On the Bounty Hunter, Scott and Bill are hoping for the final fish of the season as the fish finder shows three in close proximity. One bites, and the reel is in Scott’s hands. He is a fighter, and Scott wants revenge for the three hours he spent fighting a fish that was set free when Bill threw the harpoon and cut the line. Scott feels the fish pull the hook, and his tantrum is justified.

On the Hard Merchandise, they are catching bait and want another to finish the season. Dave Marciano is watching the fish finder when the reel starts spinning. They will do their best to bring him in as Jason stays with him. Dave has lots of respect for Jason, who showed up all season through breakdowns and disappointments. Now they bring this fish on deck, and smiles abound. With nasty weather on the way, Dave calls it a season and heads to the dock.

On the Lisa & Jake, Paul is hoping to make his goal as the water starts getting rough and waves start splashing the deck. Soon the reel starts spinning, and Paul’s hopes are up, but waves are crashing the deck. Bruce’s back starts to ache, and Kevin takes over. Paul finally harpoons him after an hour and a half on the line, and he is 113 inches long and a wicked pissah. On the dock, they see he weighs 573 pounds and is one of the biggest they have seen in a few weeks. He pays USD 28 a pound for USD 16,044 and a thrill a minute for the Hebert boys.

The gets another bite as the fish pulls the hook after an hour of being on the line. Paul knows that Tyler is on his heels, and he is visibly stressed.

On the Pin Wheel, the Coast Guard pulls near to let them know that the weather is starting to come up and checks to see if they are aware. They hear the reel spin and hope to pull this slob on board to add to the two already on the deck. The harpoon shot is perfect and number three comes to join the rest.

The Hard Merchandise comes in with their 545-pound fish that pays USD 19 for 9,810, and the next one is 486 pounds for USD 18 and USD 8,748 and a happy payday for both Dave and Jason.

On the Bounty Hunter, the season is over and decisions must be made. Bill knows how an unlucky season can change the course of fishing for many who decide to sell their boat and quit fishing. Scott is completely dejected and knows that the end may be near on the boat. has their backs against the wall as the last day of fishing is here and the reel spins once again. He looks like a big one, but he is a fighter that is taking a lot of line. Finally, they bring him on the deck.

Tyler pulls in with his three fish. The first one is 460 pounds at USD 16 for USD 7,360. The second is 547 pounds at USD 14 for USD 7,658, and the last one is 648 at USD 18 for USD 11,664.

When comes in, his fish is 398 pounds, but the quality is poor and only pays USD 8 for USD 3,184.

The season totals give the winner to Pin Wheel for sixteen fish totaling USD 100,861. The second place was with fourteen fish for a total of USD 96,978. Lisa & Jake had nine fish totaling USD 57,937 and beating Paul’s hope for a USD 50,000 season. Hard Merchandise had eight fish for USD 54,554, and the Bounty Hunter remained with their two fish for USD 4,435.

Paul gave a tip of the hat to Tyler and promised not to be a sore loser. Paul was ecstatic that they had a phenomenal season for the short time. Congratulations to the Pin Wheel crew, who plan to be back again to keep their title. At the end of the episode, Dave Marciano’s Hard Merchandise was under water. He is one of the nicest of the fishermen in Gloucester and fans of “Wicked Tuna” wish him all the luck getting his boat up and running for the next season.