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Unique Video Of A ‘Golden Bigeye Tuna’

A tuna so rare that it is said to have last been caught five years ago has shown its astonishing golden color to fishermen just off the coast of the Philippines.

The 138 pound golden bigeye tuna with a rare pigment color was line caught and after being put on ice by seafood distributer Samuels & Sons has been bought by a sushi restaurant in Washington DC.

US TV station Fox news reported the catching of the golden tuna with excitement towards the rarity of such an uncommon species being uncovered and the video displays its unique appearance that many have never seen before.

Its distinctive golden color and white eyes gives it stand out characterizes that are said to normally mean a short life for such a species. However this golden bigeye seems to have defied the odds in surviving to such a mature age.

Described as such a rarity that you have to “see it to believe it” the video captures the excitement towards its unusual characteristics that are believed by many in the Asian culture as making this a lucky fish.

After the distributers sent photographs of the Golden tuna by text message to their best Asian restaurant customers the typical reaction was to ask if this unusual fish was edible. But the rare species caught the eye of the Washington DC sushi restaurant where it has now been shipped.